Chuck Georgie’s Custom Facials * Half Facial Half Peel * Back Facial


Chuck Georgie's Custom Facials: 60 min - $80

The Introductory Facial at Chuck Georgie’s is the perfect starter treatment that provides an opportunity for you to explain your specific skin concerns and goals with your esthetician. Your new skin guru can then customize the facial to your exact needs to maximize the benefits and set you on your way to healthy and beautiful skin.

The Signature Facial will encompass:
  • • Thorough medical grade skin analysis and consultation with licensed esthetician
  • • Gentle exfoliating cleanse with Organic Certified AHA Cleanser
  • • Deep pore steam clean infused with manual and elemental exfoliation that helps to purge skin of oil, debris and toxins while also addressing fine lines, wrinkles discoloration, pigmentation, elasticity, texture and acne concerns
  • • Enzyme Mask steam treatment
  • • Extractions ( black heads are manually removed under professional magnifying light
  • • Customized Mask Treatment ( over 15 different mask choices )
  • • Customize Serum to address acne, collagen, elasticity, pigmentation and texture
  • • Under Eye Treatment for dark circles, puffiness, hollowness, creepiness and fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Deep Hydration Treatment
  • • Professional SPF: An elegant natural sun care lotion that contains Zinc Oxide, future-forward actives provide broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB exposure as well as extended anti-age benefits post UVA/UVB exposure that will protect newly treated skin


Half Facial and Half Peel (Most Popular): 60 min – $80
One of our most popular options is the half facial/half peel. This signature Chuck Georgie’s service is one of the most effective treatments to address both the health of the skin and the appearance. The facial component of the treatment starts with:

  • • A thorough and professional level skin analysis
  • • Deep cleanse of this skin
  • • An enzyme mask applied to the skin underneath the steam
  • • Extractions to remove blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities

Peel Portion: Peel portion which will treat acne, scarring, pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles and will help achieve flawless skin that lasts. This is one of the most well rounded and effective treatments offered.

The two peels that are offered with the Half and Half:

Chiral Peel Solution:

The next generation liquid peel formulated with a selection of Chirally-Correct ingredients that work collectively to help improve complexions while addressing factors necessary to smooth and improve the appearance of skin.

It’s Zyme to Peel:

An ideal peel for all skin types, including sensitive skin, packed full of six (6) natural, potent enzymes to help peel and wake up dull, tired skin which helps to leave a far more radiant complexion.

Back Facial – 60 min $75